Is Solo Travel Lonely?

When sole people hear others talk about solo travel, they think about being somewhere away from home alone. But, solo travel can be a social experience. And you can join a group when traveling alone or spend your time independently. That means you can travel alone and enjoy your time away from home. Thus, solo travel doesn’t have to be lonely.

Personality Matters

Whether you get lonely traveling alone or not may depend on your personality. That’s because the things you find enjoyable will influence how you spend time traveling alone. While you may enjoy other people’s company, doing things alone can allow you to immerse yourself in what gives you a sense of fulfillment. But if you’re a person that enjoys sharing experiences with friends or strangers, you might feel lonely traveling alone.

Focus on Your Travel Destination

A great way to avoid being lonely when traveling alone is to focus on the surrounding. And this can include other travelers and strangers. Essentially, open up to the world around you, and it will open up to you. For instance, be friendly to other travelers. That way, you will have people to talk to when traveling. You can even talk to somebody in a restaurant or at a coffee shop. And this can mark the beginning of a lasting relationship.

Select the Right Accommodation

B&B and hostels are social accommodation options than hotels and resorts. That’s because you can use social rooms when traveling alone to meet new people and befriend them. Ideally, you can join other travelers for breakfast at communal tables. You can also drink tea in the evening and meet the locals. Ideally, you avoid being lonely when traveling solo if you stay in a hostel than when residing in a hotel or resort.

Solo travel is not lonely. All you need is careful planning and opening up to the world and other travelers. That way, you will find the experience more enjoyable during the trip.  

Travel Essentials That You Cannot Live Without

The excitement that comes with travel planning can make you forget the most important items that you can’t go without. Unfortunately, your trip can be a nightmare if you forget some of these items. Here are the travel essentials that you can’t live without and, therefore, should be on your packing list. 

Travel Documents 

You can visit any destination without important travel documents. As such, you should not forget these documents when traveling. Ensuring that you have necessary travel documents like medical insurance, visa, passport, ID cards, and credit card will save you time and stress. 

Camera and Phone Charger 

You want to preserve the beautiful memories of your trip. Therefore, carry your camera. Also, don’t forget your phone charger because you will need it to stay in touch with your loved ones. Carry these items in your carry-on bag or handbag to access them with ease. 


Packing toiletries is sometimes difficult. That’s why some travelers do not carry them. Instead, they purchase new ones at their travel destinations. But, you might not find your preferred toiletries at your travel destinations. Thus, you might end up with products that will cause rashes on your skin. That’s why you should pack toiletries whenever you travel. 

Money and Credit Cards 

Using credit cards can make traveling easier. That’s because you won’t have to carry cash or struggle to ensure the security of your money. But, even when you carry your credit cards, make sure that you have some cash with you. That’s because not every outlet will accept your credit card. You can even have difficulties finding an ATM at some locations. 

A Water Bottle 

You need water to keep your body hydrated when traveling. Therefore, always carry a water bottle. This will enable you to carry and easily access water when traveling. 

Regardless of your travel destination, pack these essentials to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. 

How Can Travel Enrich Your Life?

The news of going on trips is usually met with a lot of expectations. While travel has its perks and setbacks, both contribute to the overall experience. And, it is through those experiences that you will be able to enrich your life. The following are key ways on how travel can help you make significant life improvements. 

Exposure to New Sights and Sounds 

Whenever you travel, there are always endless attractions to see, hear, taste and feel. Traveling gives you an ample opportunity to experience new cultures and backgrounds outside your normal beliefs. As a result, you will be able to gain new perspectives and start looking at things beyond their face value. That kind of exposure facilitates open-mindedness that could help you to overcome various life challenges and appreciate life in general. 

Learning Opportunities 

There is also so much you can learn from traveling than even in the classroom. The exposure to new cultures and languages experienced when traveling pushes you to develop better communication and social skills. On the other hand, it also teaches you how to adapt to different life situations. Whenever you travel, you can also take short courses like cooking, winemaking, and others to develop your career and life. 

Relief from Daily Stress 

Going on trips also enables you to break away from the daily pressures of life. It allows you to free your mind, relax and rejuvenate. The temporary disconnect from your normal schedule gives the mind and body the desired refreshment, leaving you energized to make your next steps in life. 

The greatest benefit of travel is the exposure to new experiences, which will no doubt push you into reconsidering your overall view of life. Both the good and bad experiences of traveling offer you an ample opportunity to understand yourself, the world around you and life in general. To get the most of every trip, you should plan well ahead and go out there with an open mind. 

Common Safety Mistakes Made by Solo Women Travelers

Solo travel is freeing and exhilarating. It provides a way to learn about self. However, female travelers can make themselves more vulnerable when traveling alone. Here are some of the most common safety mistakes that solo women travelers make.

Off Hours Arrivals

A flight may be cheaper because it will get in your destination at 3 am. However, this is not a good time to arrive to a place you’ve never been to before. The streets are likely to be empty and dark. That means even finding the accommodation you probably booked online might not be easy.

Dressing Inappropriately

Choose what you wear when traveling alone wisely. To avoid being seen as if you are violating the culture of the natives of your travel destination, conduct some research in advance. Having uncovered shoulders for instance can be considered a taboo in some places. Therefore, dress appropriately to show respect for other people’s cultures and draw less attention by blending in.

Assuming it is Safe to be with Other Women

You may feel safe when around other women. Unfortunately, there are dangerous women too. In fact, some women are used to lure solo female travelers into risky situations. Therefore, be cautious when making new friends. Be alert for dangers and scams especially when you meet people for the first time.

Wearing Expensive Jewelry

It’s good to look cute when traveling. However, leave flash jewelry at home for your own safety. Expensive jewelry will make you look wealthy and therefore a good target for thieves.

Telling Strangers Where You Are Staying

If you have to fill out a form that requires you to provide address of the place where you are staying, ask for direction, or have a conversation, don’t disclose the location of where you are staying. What’s more, don’t let people know that you are staying alone. You should also avoid sharing a taxi to your hotel room with people you don’t know.

To ensure your safety when traveling alone, avoid these mistakes. Be cautious when making friends and disclosing personal information.…