How to make most of your travel time in Barbados.

Barbados is the best travel destination for a Caribbean vacation. Besides being exotic and beautiful, Barbados Island is also the most stunning. Although the island is small in size, it has more than 60 beaches and plenty of things to do and experience on your Barbados vacation. If you’ve decided to come to Barbados for a vacation, you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice for your vacation. The island has a cultural history that is as rich as its landscape. Having some inside knowledge before traveling to Barbados will take your trip to the next level. Here are tips on how to make the most of your travel time in Barbados.


With the clear blue sea, you can go sailing, surfing, game fishing, jet skiing, diving snorkeling or submarine trip. The advantage is that all the beaches have public access.

On land, you can ride a horse, hike in the forest, join an off-road safari, see the wildlife, play golf among other activities. Regardless of what you love, there are plenty activities to do in Barbados and your preference has to be there.


Barbados is one of the destinations with a packed annual program of sporting and cultural events to join or watch. Some of the activities that attract competitors here from all over the world include football, hockey, rugby, cricket, swimming and polo. There is the Food and Rum festivals where celebrity chefs showcase their talents. There is also music festival for gospel, reggae, jazz and opera. With plenty of events, there is more entertainment than you could possibly imagine.


Barbados has a wide range of hotels to choose from. No need to worry because there is a hotel that will suit your budget. From five-star hotels to guest houses, there is a wide range of place for accommodation. For five-star hotels, you can go to the west coast on the edge of the perfect beaches. On the south coast, there is a mix of rustic inns and boutique hotels from which you can choose.  


Barbados has the perfect climate all year-round. Averagely, there are more than eight hours of sunshine each day. During hotter days, the reliable trade winds make the island comfortable. There are short rains from June to November but normally in short showers. The climate on this island is ideal for you to relax and enjoy the vocation.

Dining and Drinking

Barbados is one of the places with plenty of place to eat. While the food at the glamorous beach restaurants can be expensive, you can be sure that quality of the food will give you an amazing experience. However, there are also plenty of good inexpensive eateries on the island. Enjoy the unique cuisine of the Barbadians. Don’t miss out on the rum punch and cocktails. The local beer in Barbados is excellent too.  


Buying a gift when on vacation is a common thing. The local handicrafts make great gifts that most travelers can’t resist to buy. Moreover, buying designer goods and fine jewelry is tax-free for visitors. Visit the mall at Holetown and the Broad Street in the capital Bridgetown to buy from the variety of tax-free goods. Most visitors purchase a local bottle of rum.